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CNN Spain Interviews Mazen Nahawi CEO, News Group International
April 10, 2011, WASHINGTON DC

Following the buzz created by the Arab Media Influence Report presented by News Group International in Washington DC; CNN Spain interviewed Mr. Mazen Nahawi to understand how social media is touching millions of lives in the Arab world.

During the interview Mazen talks about this new social dimension that has not only enabled the people from the Middle East to think freely but also break years of dictatorship and centralised thinking.

“Social networks are becoming the main driver of free thinking in the Arab world today, there are things which are tactical for example social media is being used as a tool organise people to share ideas and so on. However a key issue from a social media point of view is that it is helping train the Arab mind to think and behave freely”, said Mazen Nahawi who is the CEO of NGI that conducted the research.

There are over 17 million Arabs on Facebook today, which exceeds the total readership for the newspapers in the Arab region. These people are using a very different and a very diverse form of social media whether on the internet or on the mobile devices which makes it difficult for governments to filter or control such revolutionary forums.

To listen to the podcast of Mazen’s interview with CNN, please click here